COVID-19: Laptops, consoles and appliances may be out of stock from April 8

KuantoKusta predicts that there may be a stockout in Portugal with regard to technological products as of April 8. The price comparison specialist says that the rupture will be general at the main retailers and may affect the supply of equipment such as laptops, consoles and home appliances.

According to Paulo Pimenta, CEO of KuantoKusta, in a press release, the origin of the rupture lies in the increasing siege that is seen in the Spanish market, one of the biggest sources that feeds the national market, due to COVID-19. The services close, the factories close and the distributors are without products, the responsible explains.

The company says that orders have doubled over the weeks. KuantoKusta says that of the platform where 2.2 million products are registered, 200 thousand are no longer available. The vast majority of the products in question fall into the technological category. In addition to the breakdown in technology, KuantoKusta foresees breakages in products for the home, health and beauty originating in markets such as China and Malaysia.

The CEO of KuantoKusta indicates that the national consumption paradigm is undergoing major changes. Among the products most sought after by the Portuguese today are electric treadmills. The equipment used to occupy the 100th position in the company's ranking, but quickly moved to the first place. Multifunction printers and electric bicycles also came to occupy positions in the top 10 most wanted.

We believe that in the space of a month, 440 thousand more products from our catalog will disappear from the market, as there are no measures to be taken and the e-commerce market may also stagnate, explains Paulo Pimenta. However, the company stresses that the existing partnership with more than 800 stores in Portugal will allow to find alternatives compared to others without stock.