COVID-19: In addition to the Government website, the Portuguese can also be "ON" through an app

After the online platform We're ONlanada two weeks ago, there is now an application that combines practical advice and support for citizens, families and companies in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The app was free and had already been announced by the Government two weeks ago.

similar to what happens on the online platform, through the application Somos ON – Covid19 you can, for example, get to know the exceptional measures of the Government and all the support given to citizens, families and companies. Practical advice for working and using public services from home is also information that users can find.

It is equally important to be aware of the recommendations of the health authorities and to follow the statistics of the evolution of the pandemic in Portugal, data that the app provides. In this application there is also a list of frequently asked questions, "collected on social networks and answered, with reliable information, by the various official entities", can be read in the description of the app.

The application of the Government of Portugal and was developed by VOST Portugal and Flutter Portugal, and can be accessed on iOS and Android devices. This strategy is part of the various measures that the Portuguese Government has taken in the face of this pandemic. This Tuesday, Prime Minister Antnio Costa announced that a solution is being prepared to ensure classes through DTT.

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