COVID-19: iFixit launches initiative to help doctors repair essential ventilators and equipment

IFixit is known for proving the limits of repairability of smartphones, computers and various electronic devices. Faced with the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), specialists decided to work to help medical teams to repair equipment in hospitals, in particular ventilators. The company launched a crowdsourcing initiative to build a database with all the information that healthcare professionals need.

Based on the predictions of the American Hospital Association, Ifixit indicates that, in the United States alone, about 960 thousand patients will need respiratory support through a ventilator. Since the machines will be under immense pressure, they will need to be repaired more often. In addition, the number of biomedical technicians in hospitals, who are responsible for repairing the machines, begins to become scarce.

The American company explains that several models of equipment are used in hospitals around the world and there is no online platform that provides instructions on how to repair them. Thus, the goal of iFixit is to create a database that can gather the equipment manuals and provide practical repair guides in several languages ​​so that they can be used more easily by professionals.

Doctors ask iFixit for the number of fan models and other essential equipment in use, as well as an estimate of the time it takes for vital parts of devices to break down. As for machine specialists and community experts, the company asks for help in finding instruction manuals, as well as making them more user-friendly and translating them.