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COVID-19: Apple stores will accept product returns within two weeks of reopening

And as expected, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to have profound impacts on all aspects of life in the world – including, of course, Apple’s operations around the planet.

So, let’s go to another round of recent Apple news pertaining to the pandemic.

Extended return period

As is well known (or… maybe not), Apple has a well-defined global return policy for customers who buy products in its stores (physical or online): you even have 14 calendar days to return an item that did not satisfy you. This page gives more details.

However, with the temporary closure of all Apple stores around the world (except in China), a question arose: what if this 14-day period runs out while the company’s retail is suspended? Well, there’s nothing to worry about: according to a company’s FAQ page (not available in Portuguese), stores will accept returns for up to 14 days after reopening.

There are some exceptions, such as iPhones purchased under contract from operators in certain countries; in general, however, you should have no problem returning your product when the stores are back up and running. It is worth remembering that, so far, the forecast is that they will reopen on the day March, 27 th – this determination may be expanded, however, according to the events of the coming weeks.

Repairing devices

On the same FAQ page, Apple talks about products that are currently in repair in any of your stores. The company notes that if your device is ready to be returned or waiting for parts, an employee will contact you to provide more details.

If your device is already ready, you can – or could – get it back on 3/15 and 3/16 (better known as yesterday and today) between 12pm and 5pm. If you missed this window, you will need to contact Apple to verify your possibilities.

Payments to authorized assistance

Speaking of repairs, Apple is moving to ensure that its authorized technical assistance continue to function without major impacts during the new Coronavirus pandemic.

IPhone repair / service

According to an internal document obtained by the MacRumors, Apple will make maximum payments to its Authorized Service Centers over the months of March and April. In other words, all repairs made by these establishments will receive the maximum payment from the company’s repair schedule – Apple tends to fluctuate this amount according to the establishment’s productivity and satisfaction index.

The idea, therefore, is to allow authorized assistance to continue, as far as possible, functioning as the effects of the pandemic are spreading – which is especially important considering that Apple’s stores, which are also repair centers, will be closed for at least two more weeks.

In the document distributed to the partners, Apple does not suggest any type of procedure, such as temporary closing of business; instead, the company claims that it “trusts the decisions” of assistance and encourages them to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of its employees and customers.

Apple Card without fees

In another interesting movement, the Apple – next to the bank Goldman Sachs – decided to grant a breather to the users of Apple Card (which remains restricted to the United States). Considering the effects of Coronavirus on the global economy (and each person’s pockets), Apple credit card users will be able to postpone payment of their March bill no taxes.

Installment of iPhone by Apple Card

Apple Card owners received the following email informing them of the advantage:

We are here to help.

We know that the situation of COVID-19 evolves rapidly and, with that, creates unique challenges for each one; as a result, some users may have difficulty making their monthly payments. The Apple Card is committed to helping you achieve a healthier financial life.

If you need assistance, please tap here to connect to Apple Card Support via iMessage and join our Customer Support Program, which will allow you to postpone your March payment without fees or interest.

It is not yet known whether the advantage will expand in the coming months – if the effects of the pandemic continue to be serious, we will certainly see Apple and Goldman Sachs repeat emails in April. Will take.

Recordings of “Suspicion” suspended

Meanwhile, another series of Apple TV + had its recordings suspended: “Suspicion”, the new production starring Uma Thurman (“Kill Bill”) – whose existence was announced less than a week ago. The information is Variety.

Uma Thurman

The decision to suspend production came from Keshet Productions, an Israeli producer that holds the rights to “Suspicion”; with that, effectively all original Apple productions have recordings paused until further notice. There is still no information on when filming will resume or if the suspension will affect the planned premiere dates of the new series / seasons.

Another employee with COVID-19

Finally, as informed by the Billboard, another Apple employee tested positive for COVID-19. This time, he is an employee from the Culver City, California, where the Apple TV + and Apple Music teams are concentrated.

To date, the Culver City campus remains open; Local employees were notified of the case and – like all the rest of Apple’s workforce – were recommended to stay home if there were any symptoms related to the infection.

We will follow up on the case, of course, to notify about possible new infections within Apple.

via 9to5Mac, iMore, iClarified