coveted engineer and ex-Sony Pictures Television join Apple team

Angelica Guerra

Being one of the largest companies in the world, with more than 84 thousand employees, we often see some important executives arriving and others leaving Cupertino. That’s what happened these past few weeks.

Covered engineer

Imagine a person who worked as a vice president of engineering for Twitter, was a team leader on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and senior vice president of applications and services at Palm, helping to create webOS. Quite a resume, right? Because this whole experience seems to have seduced Apple, which hired Michael Abbott to play an unspecified role, as reported by the MacGeneration (Google translator).

Michael Abbott

Abbott worked as an investor in Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, betting on numerous companies that were starting their businesses, for example, Snapchat. In a post on his personal blog, however, he explained that he would step away from this investor job «in the next two months» in order to focus on his passion (engineering) again.

Head of video programming for Latin America

Anglica Guerra Apple’s newest hire for the company’s video endeavor it arrives with the job of being head of video programming for Latin America, as reported by Variety.

Angelica Guerra

Former Sony Pictures Television, Guerra served as senior vice president and managing director of production for Latin America and the USA. In this role, he oversaw the company’s production business throughout the region, including Colombia, Mexico and our beloved Brazil.

At Apple, she responds to Morgan Wandell, Apple’s head of international creative development (who also recently joined the company). During his time at Sony, Guerra oversaw the series primetime for the US Hispanic and Latin American markets, including Mary Magdalene, El Comandante, Rosario Tijeras, Lady, Search Block and Metastasis (believe me: a Spanish adaptation of the hit series Breaking Bad).

Ex-Apple running the Museum of Computer History

Many here on the site especially * all * who have traveled with us on the MM Tour know the Museum of Computer History (Computer History Museum) of Mountain View. For it will now be commanded by a former Apple.

Dan'l Lewis

Dan?l Lewin was one of Steve Jobs’ best friends in the early days of Apple and served in various marketing positions from 1981 to 1985, when he was recruited by Jobs to join his new company, NeXT, after he left Apple.

According to the CHM statement, Lewin plays the role of CEO and president of the museum, being responsible for the new phase of growth that includes the expansion of interpretation efforts, content creation and media to reach / impact global audiences. He also develops and directs the strategy, fundraising and ongoing operations, including those of the Exponential Center (dedicated to entrepreneurship and innovation) and the Software History Center.

via MacRumors, Apple World Today, Cult of Mac