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Cover: the smart lock screen test [atualizado]

Cover It is an alternative lock screen for Android that aims to provide the right information at the right time to the user. The app (which is exclusive to Android) is currently in beta

ย of test. I had the opportunity to try it.



After a short introduction with some interactive examples, Cover gives you the option to enter your private and work address. This is necessary to let the lock screen know when to activate work mode or private mode. In addition, you can still choose the Google account to connect Cover with so that your settings will sync across all devices.

After these adjustments you are directed to the new lock screen. If you have protected your device with a password, you must enter it before you can access Cover.

A short tutorial facilitates the first few setups. / AndroidPIT


As I am now in the AndroidPIT layout, the lock screen soon activated work mode and proposed in the left corner a number of potentially useful applications. After a few days, this list of proposed apps gets more accurate as Cover analyzes which apps I use the most. Clicking on the app and sliding it to the right causes it to open.

How to start the app with a swipe to the right. / AndroidPIT

Swiping up, I can select the vertical list of apps; By clicking on the name of the lockscreen, you can view the settings and even change the lock screen. In the Beta phase it is also possible to report bugs and errors from the menu.

Menu with all Lockscreens and settings (left) and vertical list of apps./ AndroidPIT

Finally, you can unlock your smartphone by sliding your finger from a free field to the right.


Cover can automatically customize settings for each location. You have the option of determining which Wi-Fi the device should connect to and which ringtone to use for each new location. At work my Nexus 5 goes into vibrate mode automatically without my having to configure it.

Cover settings. / AndroidPIT

Depending on your location, other options are available. At Home, for example, intervals may be set when the phone is completely muted.

Fast app swapping

If you're on the home screen or in any app, just swipe down from the top right corner and you can see a list of newly opened apps. In the settings it is also possible to determine that the upper left corner activates the application list.

Quick passage between newly opened apps (left) and choice of wallpapers (right). / AndroidPIT

Battery consumption

During my test Cover did not consume more than 5% of the battery. According to the developers, this consumption should never exceed 10%.

Privacy Policy

As a custom lock screen, Cover naturally needs to accumulate a lot of data for it to work optimally. If you choose to do so, your data will be synced with Cover's servers, so that any device swapping does not require you to configure everything from scratch. Cover uses your gmail address and a secure SSL connection to send your encrypted data to the app's servers.


Despite the Beta phase, Cover can be said to be practically ready. The lock screen runs smoothly, is not overloaded with functions and offers many practical options, including location-adapted settings and fast application switching.

If you want to try Cover, you must subscribe to
application site to receive an invitation from developers.

Updated 12/13/2013:

Cover is now available to everyone as a free Beta app on the Google Play Store. This means that you no longer need to sign up for the site and receive an invitation, just download it as a normal app.

Cover Lock Screen (beta)
Install on Google Play

If you tested it, tell us what you think, ok?

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