100C and iphone 6 comparison

Court rules that Apple infringed design patent on Chinese device with iPhone 6 [atualizado]

We are already about to see a new iPhone (called by the rumors “iPhone 7”) and there are still traces of bullshit problems involving the iPhone 6 – yes, the one launched there in 2014.

THE Bloomberg reported today that the Beijing Intellectual Property Office (Beijing Intellectual Property Office) found that Apple infringed the cell phone maker’s design patent Shenzhen Baili and possibly need to stop selling iPhones over there.

Basically, the iPhone 6/6 Plus would have infringed the Chinese manufacturer’s 100C Phone patent for “very similarities”. In fact, according to a Chinese vehicle, the court that assessed the case declared that “the appearance of the iPhones 6 and 6 Plus is so similar to that of the 100C that it is difficult for customers to differentiate the two devices”.

Well, let’s see the “great similarities” (# SQNx3):

100C and iphone 6 comparison

iPhone 6 next to the 100C Phone – Look alike? Is that right, production?

Recalling that it was not one, two or three times that a Chinese company sued Apple for infringing patents. THE Bloomberg he also comments that, despite being only in Beijing, this decision could set precedents and influence other regions of China. Of course, Apple has already filed a lawsuit to overturn the decision and confirmed that the devices continue to be sold across the country.

Honestly, the Chinese company’s device looks even more like an iPhone 3G / 3GS than a 6/6 Plus, but it cannot be denied that such a fight can hurt Apple’s growth in the market where it struggles to make ends meet. sign.

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Update · Jun 22, 2016 at 10:35

THE Wall Street Journal found more (or less?) details about this case.

It seems that Shenzhen Baili (the company that sued Apple) practically do not exist anymore. THE WSJ tried to contact and simply found nothing: the phone rings, but no one answers and there is no office at any of the three registered addresses.

The company behind Baili, Digione, was at a great pace in the market in 2014 – when the allegations against Apple came up – including investing the giant Baidu. However, when the court’s decision was taken, things were not going so well for the company.

“When they reached a decision this year, Digione had already collapsed due to products with many defects, lack of management and great competition – as former employees and investors reported. Digione has been absent from the mobile phone market in China for at least a year and Baidu has accused it of wasting its investment. ”

Despite the allegations, Digione’s lawyer (Andy Yang) said that the company continues to function with the “necessary functions” and that it will continue to battle Apple in court.

Both Baili and Digione (whose formal name is Shenzhen City 100/100 Digital Technology Co.) are going bankrupt; its debts exceed the equity that the company still has, as stated in its annual report.

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