Court ruled in favor of immediate sanctions on Microsoft

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The European Court of First Instance rejected Microsoft’s request for a precautionary suspension against the anti-monopoly measures imposed by the European Commission in March. The US giant will have to make a version of Windows available immediately without the software Windows Media Player and share information that allows better communication between competitive products and your operating system.

According to the decision, the evidence presented by Microsoft is insufficient to demonstrate that the implementation of the sanctions would harm it. «Microsoft has not specifically demonstrated that it could suffer serious and irreparable damage,» says Bo Vesterdorf, president of the court in the auto. «The application must therefore be rejected in its entirety».

Microsoft has already made it known, according to reports by the international press, that it is ready to respect the sanctions imposed on selling computer manufacturers a version of Windows without the application of video and music and sharing the specifications of its software with rivals from the server area starting next month.

«We will proceed immediately to comply with today’s decision,» said one of Microsoft’s legal advisers, not saying whether or not the company is considering appealing it.

Vesterdorf’s order supposes a setback for Microsoft’s intentions to resume negotiations with the EC to reach an agreement, a hypothesis on which the company continues to insist, stating that the Court ended up attributing some merit to the giant’s appeal Computing . For his part, EC competition spokesman Jonathan Todd considers that the court has confirmed the effectiveness of anti-monopoly measures and has guaranteed that the European executive is not interested in any renegotiation process with the giant of the EC. software.

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