Court rises to 1.5 million punishment for «downloading mother»

Court rises to 1.5 million punishment for "downloading mother"

The court again reviewed Jamie Thomas-Rasset’s sentence, increasing to the order of millions of dollars an amount that had been radically reduced by the last judge.

The American, who became known as «the mother who made downloads, «faces a lawsuit for copyright infringement through online music sharing. The case has divided public opinion and Justice itself, this being the fourth known decision in the process.

The sentence known this week is the result of a jury vote and sets the amount to be paid by Jammie Thomas-Rasset at $ 1.5 million, $ 62,500 for each song, for a total of 24 topics for which she is being judged. .

The origin of the lawsuit dates back to 2007 and the acts performed in 2006, with the first sentence, also by a jury to be handed down in January 2009, convicting Jammie to pay US $ 1.9 million. The judge reduced the amount to $ 80,000 earlier this year.

The lawyer for the «accused» has already reacted, saying that she also intends to appeal this decision, which will lead, once again, to the review by the same judge, who in January had classified the amount initially set by the jurors as «an abuse».