Court renews decision to force YouTube to delete Daniela Cicarelli video

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As in previous cases, YouTube was forced to block access to a video showing intimate scenes between Brazilian model Daniela Cicarelli and her boyfriend on a beach in Cadiz, Spain.

The order was issued yesterday by a São Paulo court, after a first decision in September that the judge considers has not been fulfilled.

Two Brazilian sites that also showed Daniela Cicarelli’s images had complied with a previous court decision that required the removal of the content, but the same did not happen with YouTube, which, according to the judge, did not make a sufficient effort to filter the presentation of the film. says the Associated Press.

The court’s first order to YouTube to remove the images dates from September last year, but the videos continued to appear on the site, while other videos allegedly proliferated from the intimate scenes between Daniela Cicarelli and Renato Malzoni, a Brazilian banker.

The São Paulo judge now says that YouTube has to find ways to filter the clips so that they are not shown in Brazil.

The decision will now be analyzed by a panel of judges who decide whether it will be permanent and whether YouTube should be fined 119,000 euros for each day the videos can be viewed.

YouTube recently deleted 30,000 video files after a Japanese group filed a copyright complaint.

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