Court prohibits publication of opinions on French website

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A French court ruled that Internet users will no longer be able to publish their comments on the website, a channel where students can give their opinion and rate the performance of teachers according to the indicators «interesting», «clear», » fair «,» available «,» respectful «and» motivated «.

According to Reuters, the authorities consider that the platform «incites public disorder» and, as such, demanded that site officials stop allowing teachers to be identified by name. The channel is now subject to a fine of one thousand euros for each infraction that it may commit. The Court added that each teacher who participated in the case must be paid a symbolic amount of one euro.

This process was supported by teachers’ associations and the French Ministry of Education, which took the case immediately to court, relying on similar schemes that have occurred elsewhere in the world.

In the end, education minister Xavier Darcos praised the court’s decision and stated, in a statement, «all support for teachers and that their missions would not be subject to attack on the Internet».

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