Court orders suspension of PlayStation sales in the United States

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According to the decision of a United States Federal Court, Sony should suspend the sale of PlayStation and PlayStation 2 consoles, two controllers and a package of 47 games. The decision was issued in the context of an alleged patent infringement proceeding and Sony has already confirmed that it will appeal to a higher court.

In addition to the suspension of sales, the judge also ordered Sony to pay US $ 90 million in damages to Immersion, a company whose patents are said to have infringed on the sale of consoles and games in the United States.

This decision confirms a verdict issued last year by a Californian jury, which ordered damages of $ 82 million. The amount has now been extended to 90 million to include interest accrued in the meantime.

Immersion is a North American company that has been developing feedback technology for games, allowing the actions that take place in the application to be felt in the peripherals used to control the equipment. Sony had signed an agreement with the company, still in 2000 for the use of TouchSense technology, which in the meantime was canceled.

The American company had already sued – and won – Microsoft in a similar lawsuit, receiving $ 26 million in damages in an out-of-court settlement.

Sony has already guaranteed that, while the appeal process is underway, it will not suspend the sale of consoles, controllers and games targeted in the process.

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