Court of First Instance sets for Microsoft informal hearing tomorrow

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The European Court of First Instance called Microsoft’s representatives to an informal hearing tomorrow in Luxembourg. The call follows the appeal made by the software in relation to the European Commission decision that fined Microsoft 497 million euros for alleged violation of competition and imposed a series of changes to the Windows system.

The meeting is scheduled for 11 am in Luxembourg and, according to what some media have already advanced, it should serve for the Judge to question Microsoft about the recent agreements with Novell and CCIA, an association of the media industry. software, which provides for these entities to withdraw their complaints also in connection with proceedings in Europe.

It is recalled that Microsoft appealed to the European Court to see reduced or annulled the fine imposed by the Directorate of Competition of the European Commission but also to try to change the conditions determined to change the server operating systems and multimedia publishers and their integration in Windows. .

The recent deals with Novell and CCIA allow Microsoft to remove two of the main opponents in the event of a breach of competition rules in the European Union, leaving only Sun Micrososystems. Microsoft paid Novell $ 536 million to withdraw the case while the amount handed over to the CCIA (Computer & Communications Industry Association) was not disclosed.

However, shortly after the conclusion of the agreement, representatives from the European Commission’s Competition Directorate assured that these developments did not alter the need for the sanctions imposed to restore effective competition in the market, while also stating in a statement that the case against Microsoft did not stem from complaints individual entities but was oriented towards protecting consumer interests.

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