Court issues order through Twitter

البرتغالية في قائمة ترجمات تويتر

The British Supreme Court issued its first court order this week via Twitter. The publication on the microblog – which is apparently the first of its kind – was the way found by the judges to contact an (anonymous) user of the service who maintained a profile pretending to be someone else.

Blogger Donal Blaney asked the court to issue an order against a Twitter user, of unknown identity, who impersonated him.

The decision of the judicial body, which confirms that Donal Blaney’s copyright is being harmed, calls on the user to identify himself or stop the misappropriation of the victim’s identity.

In the lawsuit, the lawyers asked to condemn the account – a profile maintained by a user who pretends to be Donal Blaney, and through which he posts messages that the victim considers to be «slightly unpleasant», reports BBC News.

For this reason, he decided to request the intervention of the English courts, which he considered preferable to the more time-consuming option of asking Twitter – based in California (USA) – to take action. Donal Blaney – who in addition to being a blogger, is a lawyer – said he was «inspired» by a recent case in Australia, where Facebook was used to issue a court order.

The unusual case is generating unrest due to the implications it may have for the future of the blogosphere.

«I think it is a historic decision to issue a court order via Twitter,» said Konstantinos Komaitis, professor of computer and telecommunications at the Faculty of Law at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, quoted by the newspaper El Mundo.

The same source explains that a precedent is being created that could be invoked in the future, in similar cases.