Counterfeit software supports 8 new lawsuits brought by Microsoft

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Microsoft has filed eight lawsuits against seven individuals and one company for the sale of software counterfeit on eBay. The respondents tried to put counterfeit versions of Windows XP professional, Office components and the student and teacher versions of the productivity suite on the auction site.

In a statement, the software explains that seven of the eight defendants were identified using the Genuine Advantage program, an initiative launched in the middle of last year that automatically detects software illegal whenever the customer uses Windows Update or goes to the downloads from Microsoft.

The lawsuits are advancing in Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New York, Washington, states of residence of the accused, the company also said.

It is recalled that according to a study released last year by IDC and the Business Software Alliance, referring to the previous year, 35 percent of software around the world are pirated, a fee that Microsoft has a vested interest in lowering since they are revenue that the company fails to earn.

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