Counterfeit material trade leads Symantec to sue eight companies

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Symantec announces in a statement that it has initiated eight lawsuits against the companies Acortech, mPlus, Logical Plus,, Rowcal Distribution, Global Impact, and eDirect Software, which, according to the manufacturer, distribute counterfeit versions of the software security of the American company.

The computer security solutions company accuses these companies of fraud, illegal competition, trafficking in counterfeit material, misleading advertising and breach of copyright in force in the country.

With these actions, Symantec demands the payment of more than 55 million dollars for the losses that the trade of illegal solutions implied in the invoicing of the company.

At the same time, an individual hearing is required for each company where compensation for lost profits will be required, which can vary between $ 4 million and $ 10 million for each charge.

The ban on the sale of Symantec products by these companies and the withdrawal of all stock counterfeit material are other requirements of the company.

Symantec became aware of the illegal distribution due to an investigation by the company’s Brand Protection Task Force.

In the audit process, products sold by the accused companies were tested and customer complaints about pirated solutions were analyzed, namely Norton SystemWorks, Norton AntiVirus, Norton Internet Security, pcAnywhere and Symantec AntiVirus Small Business Edition.

Most of the sales of illegal products were made online with orders arriving at customers without any type of information about the products, official packaging, solution activation code or any other characteristic that proves that the software was authenticated.

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