Counterfeit Argentine NGO site used for money laundering

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

PandaLabs found that a group of cybercriminals falsified the website of an Argentine organization to support disadvantaged children to carry out money laundering operations.

In order to carry out their embezzlement, criminals send e-mails where they offer work at that institution in exchange for good monetary compensation.

Users who want to know more about the job offer have access to a link attached to the email and end up being redirected to the fake page.

The purpose of this operation is to find victims to serve as a vehicle for the bank transfer of stolen money. In this way, money is deposited in the victims’ bank accounts – who earn a commission – who, in turn, have instructions to send the amount to another address specified by the criminals.

With this operation, people are used as scapegoats and end up being held responsible for the scam, in case it is discovered, by the authorities.

The authors of this page are the same ones that a few days ago created a fake website of a similar organization, however, this time, they forged the site of a true non-governmental entity.

Paulo Silva, Panda’s technical director in Portugal, claims that «cybercriminals will not give up» requiring users to protect themselves.

For this, the security company recommends that all messages received by electronic mail, which resemble this type, be deleted and that personal data that can be used in criminal activities should never be provided.

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