Counter Strike is ported to Android

Counter Strike is ported to Android

While Valve has no plans to launch a mobile version of its most successful game on PCs, the developers of XDA Developers decided to get their hands dirty and bring the game to devices equipped with the Android platform.

Using Unity3D technology, Counter Strike for Android has all the features for PC, including multiplayer battles to challenge friends of Kongregate and Facebook.

There are currently two versions under development, one for Android 2.x and the other for Android 2.3. In the case of the Sony Ericsson Xperia, owners will have even better gameplay thanks to the built-in physical controls.

The folks at Phodroid said the game still has a lot of bugs, but if you have no problems with it, the fun is guaranteed. You can download the game for 2.x on this link or 2.3 on this link (with CS 1.6 graphics).

Get ready, you will be thrilled: