Counter-Strike 1.6 can now be played for free right in the browser

Counter-Strike 1.6 sekarang dapat dimainkan secara gratis di browser

Counter Strike 1.6 FPS multiplayer cult can now be played for free, directly from your browser.

According to the Tech Power Up website, on Monday, (15), the video game Counter Strike 1.6, a classic FPS (first person shooter) released in 2000 and which was a success in part of my adolescence, is available for free in the web version.

There is no need for any installation, not even registration.

Just choose one of the game servers available according to your country and start the game.

While triple-A games, you have to pay, and do not have private servers in full 2020.

counter strike fps jeu video version web navigateur

These screenshots are not representative of my level in Counter Strike 1.6 / © AndroidPit

The system allows you to play against opponents at random, but you can also (for a fee) choose a server rental to play with friends.

The interface of the site is very rudimentary and resembles the first hours of the web (with ads and links to «make money» everywhere).

The controls are in QWERTY by default and I didn’t find an option to modify them in the parameters (yes, there are settings).

The servers are quite full and the games are very fluid, for the little time I spent playing this afternoon.

I still suffered some delays and slowness.

And I must say that the CS 1.6 graphics have definitely aged a lot.

Counter Strike for its demanding gameplay, not for its graphics.

So, if you want to lose all productivity and try the old_Dust2 map the old way, it’s here (the site is in https).