Countdown to the Xbox 360 presentation

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A few hours before the first public presentation of the new Xbox 360 from Microsoft, fans’ anxiety grows but so does unofficial information about the details of the new console. The presentation is scheduled for tonight at 11.30 am (in Portugal) hours on MTV, which maintains a countdown website.

The presentation is a way to give a first presentation of the new console to fans, although it will hit stores only in November. From what is already known in relation to the characteristics of the Xbox 360, it is known that it is equipped with high definition graphics that promise faster and better definition images than the first Xbox launched in 2001.

THE design of the new console is kept secret from the gods, but some unofficial photographs have started to appear on the Internet, showing a more soft, with softer colors and the possibility to remain vertical, similar to the competitor PlayStation.

Media and weblogs they speculate about the veracity of the new specifications and photos that allegedly were collected at a console pre-presentation party that took place last week. Obviously, all the speculation helps to further promote the desired promotion of the console.

Today’s announcement via MTV was intended to go beyond Sony’s launch plans for PlayStation 3, but the real information about the console should be known only next week during the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles.

Editorial Note: [2005-05-13 10:19:00] The Xbox2 presentation took place yesterday through MTV, and can be viewed on MTV’s international website, but for Portugal the event is broadcast only today at 8 pm.

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