Council of Ministers approves online trademark acquisition system

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The Marca na Hora service will become available online for anyone interested. The measure was approved today in the Council of Ministers and puts an end to the limitation that conditioned the use of the Marca na Hora service to the creation of companies through the Empresa na Hora system.

In this way, it will be possible «the immediate acquisition of a brand, pre-registered and pre-approved in favor of the State, chosen on a stock exchange created for the purpose, in a single face-to-face service», details a statement.

The measure was announced at the same time as the reformulation and standardization of some procedures in the regime for the immediate incorporation of companies that enables the Company on the spot. The measures involved changes to the Intellectual Property Code and the Commercial Registry Code, also approved this morning.

Since it was created in July 2005 and until the end of April, Empresa na Hora has already allowed the creation of more than 25 thousand companies that agreed to designate their activity with a pre-approved name, chosen from a pre-designed list, which allows you to streamline the entire process.

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