Council of Ministers approves Branch on the Spot and bilingual commercial registration

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

The Decree-Law was approved by the Council of Ministers, which will make it possible to meet one of the goals of the Simplex: the creation of the Branch on the Spot. This standard will allow that in a single day it is possible to create a Portuguese branch of an entity based abroad.

For that, interested parties only need a single face-to-face service, without the need to travel to Finance and Social Security. Just place an order at one of the commercial registration offices or at their service stations, leaving aside the bureaucracies required so far.

The same Decree-Law also allows for bilingual commercial registration – in Portuguese and English – another goal of the Simplex that allows any citizen to be able to know, electronically, the legal status of the registration of a commercial company in English.

In this context, the citizen will only have to ask for the company’s certificate in English on the website of the Online Company or at a counter of any commercial registry office so that the document is available electronically within five working days.

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