Council of Europe calls for cooperation between states in cybercrime

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During the seminar «Meeting the Challenges of Cybercrime», which took place in Lisbon on 29 and 30 November, several speakers from different areas of activity, national and international, discussed cybercrime and the measures to be taken to create a uniform legislation in accordance with the Council of Europe Convention against Cybercrime.

Legal, research, promotion of public-private partnerships and cooperation between nations were some of the topics addressed during the event.

At the end of the meeting Miguel Romão, director of the Office for International, European and Cooperation Relations of the Ministry of Justice of Portugal, stressed the need to develop «minimum rules of punishment and effective instruments for police and judicial cooperation, which allow prevention «of phenomena like cybercrime.

In the closing session, several conclusions were mentioned, taking into account the considerations taken in previous conventions.

Thus, the need to alert for strengthening cooperation between «States, international organizations and the private sector was mentioned.

[…] in order to create awareness of the need for appropriate legislation based on international principles, as well as for appropriate training in the fight against cyber crime «.

The Council of Europe and other organizations have been asked to provide technical assistance to countries that wish to harmonize their legislation in accordance with the Convention against Cybercrime, recognizing its importance as an instrument for «effective international cooperation» against this type of crime.

The encouragement of States, namely members of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries, to consider «the possibility of becoming members of this Convention, in order to use effective and compliant legislation and instruments, internally and in favor of international cooperation, in the combating cybercrime «, was another point addressed at the end of the seminar.

Participants also asked the Council of Europe for other similar events to be organized in the future.

The 2nd meeting of the Convention against Cybercrime committee is scheduled for July next year, in Strasbourg, where the presence of states is requested.

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