Council meets to review Technological Plan

19th APDC Congress - Technological Plan will reinforce growth and internationalization measures

It will be under the theme «renewing ambition» that this Thursday, July 9, will take place the eighth plenary meeting of the Consultative Council for the Technological Plan.

The meeting will also serve to take stock of the 176 measures that currently constitute the Technological Plan, says the office of the national coordinator of the Lisbon Strategy and the Technological Plan, managed by Carlos Zorrinho, in a statement sent to the press.

The advisory board also promises to discuss «the lessons and suggestions from this cycle of execution», with a view to the future continuation of the program.

The growth in R&D expenditure, the sophistication of public online services for companies has reached 100 percent and the fact that we currently have one of the highest mobile broadband penetration rates in the world and that we are the country with the most laptops per thousand inhabitants – thanks to the e-escola and e-escola programs – are some of the execution numbers presented in the concept note, written by Carlos Zorrinho, which will be distributed to the participants before the debate.

It should be recalled that the Technological Plan was approved by the Council of Ministers in November 2005, structured in three main lines of action – knowledge, technology and innovation – and with the objective of «mobilizing the country, companies, public administration, young people, schools and institutions of the scientific and technological system «.