Ubuntu Touch Android Apps

Could Ubuntu Touch run Android apps natively?

Could Ubuntu Touch run Android applications to increase the range of applications available for the operating system?

Could Ubuntu Touch follow BlackBerry's footsteps and run Android applications natively without compatibility issues?

Ubuntu Touch Android Apps

Could Ubuntu Touch work with native Android Apps?

A very interesting speculation was launched in Softpedia about the Ubuntu Touch and the possibilities that the system offers.

Let's face it, the key factor for a mobile platform to leverage only the apps that run on it, that's how it was with iOS, that's how it was with Android, Windows Phone has already suffered a lot from it and is now getting better.

I don't know if you remember how popular the BlackBerry was, the decline in the popularity of the device has fallen so drastically that even the most pessimistic couldn't foresee, however, to turn the solution over to the mobile phone. BlackBerrys Rather than make it easy to build Apps for your platform, use a virtual solution to make Android Apps run natively on the system.

Today a good part of APKs of Android work on "BB " no further tweaks, instead Canonical has invested in making it possible to create native apps for Ubuntu Touch, but maybe it will change its mind …

Ubuntu Touch Ubunu Touch is still a recent platform, normal for applications to take a while to arrive, and so far we have only two devices that comes with factory Ubuntu, the recently announced Meizu MX4 (more powerful than a ninja turtle) it's the BQ Aquaris which was the first model. However, application variety is extremely important, could Ubuntu Touch do something similar to what BlackBerry did?

At the BlackBerry there is a kind of virtual machine that allows Apps from Android run like native speakers on a Smartphone like the one above Meizu MX4This would certainly not be a problem.

Leave your opinion here, do you think the Ubuntu Touch should seek to make the applications of the Android with your platform or better to maintain the absolutely native development standard?

An interesting question to be raised, which as the Ubuntu Next intended to unify platforms this same system could run applications of Android on your computer too, at least in theory.

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And what do you think of this idea?

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