Cost savings are the main motivation for contact center outsourcing

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Cost savings are the main motivation for the outsourcing of customer contact operations, reveal 20.83 percent of respondents in a benchmarking study conducted by IDC and Izo Portugal for the Portuguese Association of Contact Centers.

Also part of the motivations of companies are aspects such as the need to ensure greater focus on the customer, the difficulty in managing resources, the coverage of extended time periods, the reduction of investments, greater access to more modern technologies or the need to launch campaigns .

The same study, presented at the second International Conference of Contact Centers that took place this week in Lisbon, reveals that the majority of contact centers in Portugal have between 1 and 25 positions (almost half of the market) or more than 250 positions, as revealed 28.75 percent of the more than 300 respondents.

Continuous training is a bet of 60 percent of companies in the sector, while 40 percent ensure that they guarantee more than 50 hours of training per year per employee.

Looking at the training of each employee before joining the company, the study shows that 90 percent of companies in contact with customers employ at least 5 percent of graduates.

Most companies look at 2007 as a year of maintaining revenue and growth levels and 27.78 percent believe that next year they will increase their operating costs.

Monitoring customer satisfaction is a practice that is not used or used only sporadically by 15 percent of companies, while 30 percent of organizations conduct annual surveys of listening to this indicator, the same percentage that conducts satisfaction surveys once a month. .

The study by IDC and IZO Portugal will be presented in its final version at the end of November.

The preliminary version was made available during the sector conference, which for two days debated issues such as the need for self-regulation in the sector and image requalification, before the general population.

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