Cost is not central to switching operators

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

A study carried out by Nokia reveals that mobile users choose and remain loyal to their mobile service providers, taking into account five main factors: call plans, brand image, equipment offer, network quality and costs.

The data collected show that the cost factor has a greater weight in the acquisition of a new customer than in the maintenance of a customer who is already within the network. In these cases, aspects such as brand image, network quality and the barriers to change overlap, and the cost factor and the price plans themselves weigh less.

Before making a decision to change, users visit various stores, analyze various products and try to clarify doubts about the different offers, reveals the research that aims to better understand why mobile customers jump from operator to operator, causing an effect known as churn.

We conclude that young people and recent subscribers are more willing to change and that contract customers are less loyal than subscribers with prepaid subscription. This trend is explained by the greater receptivity of this type of customers to more complex services, says the document prepared by GfK, which targeted 3,900 mobile users in the United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Thailand and Brazil.

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