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Corrupt video on DJI drones, an option to solve

We had a recent problem where we made a long video with the drone Mavic 2 Pro, the drone system "split the video" into three files within the memory card, since it was a video of several minutes and in 4K resolution. The last file got corrupted, consequently it would compromise the whole video since this file has most of the cool images, but a very simple tip that I didn't find elsewhere was passed by Ricardo Laske, who has helped me with several articles and drone reviews, he's been through this with his old Mavic Pro.

Only the last recorded video gets corrupted

Just record a new video, even if only a few seconds, that the "recording" system on the card will correct the last video that was corrupted, indicating that it is a problem at the time of recording the file. I do not remember if I turned off the drone without finishing the recording by the smartphone, which could have generated this problem, which can happen simply by forgetting and some people end up "throwing" the video away, maybe something really cool like the one you can see below.

Just record a new video for the system to fix the previous one

It's a situation that a lot of people may not have been through yet, which happened in our cases with long videos and only the last video recorded on the card, but it was the only way to fix it, even video correction software couldn't do what this simple This process has done and can solve a boring problem for many people who have DJI drones and gimbals, maybe some file repair software could solve it, a fact that is not necessary, or at least in our cases it was not.

Ideally stop recording via smartphone before turning off the drone

The video below, from the 2018/2019 New Year's Eve fireworks at Santinho Beach in Florianpolis, more than half of it would have been lost since the first part and a piece of the second were not used in the final video.