Correios will be the newest cellular operator in Brazil


The Post Office is preparing to enter the telephone market next month, February, in addition to working with your correspondence, now the Post Office also wants to serve you as an operator.

“Correios Celular”, will be launched in February 2016 (I’m not kidding, that’s the name!) And will be focused on serving society’s C and D classes. According to the information, the idea is to offer a differential “a simple and easy to understand plan, combined with the trust that the brand has for the public”.

With 12,000 branches spread across Brazil, adoption is expected to accelerate. In the first phase of the implementation of the project, only prepaid plans will be offered, and the acquisition of the chip and the recharge of the same can be done directly at the post offices. The goal is to reach around 1 million users by the end of the year.

Even with the target audience defined by low-income people, Correios Celular does not want to compete with other operators:

“Our differentials will be simplicity, transparency for the client and proximity to our branches. And we want to promote citizenship, bringing digital and social inclusion to classes D and E ”, reveals Ara Minassian, coordinator of the Correios Celular project.

So, do you think it will work? Will you become a customer?