Correcting LibreOffice’s appearance in Deepin


I’m using the Deepin with a certain regularity in the last days, the system comes with the WPS Office by default, which is great, but WPS has a flaw, it can’t open files in free formats like LibreOffice does, besides, I like to work with LibreOffice for some things, so I ended up installing it on the system .

Installing LibreOffice on Deepin is not a problem, you can easily find it in the distro’s application center, however, it looks like Windows 98, nothing cool for those who care about design. This is due to a package that Deepin’s app center does not install together with the LibreOffice package. So just install this appearance pack to prevent the programs from looking like this:

LibreOffice Writer at Deepin
LibreOffice Calc at Deepin
LibreOffice Impress on Deepin

The packages responsible for appearance are two, libreoffice-style-breeze, which brings you the Breeze icons, as in Ubuntu.

You can install via Synaptic easily (You can also find Synaptic in the App Center), or use the command:

sudo apt install libreoffice-style-breeze
Synaptic Theme LibreOffice

The other package is the one that will change the appearance of the “textures” itself, which is actually the GTK theme of LibreOffice, you can install the package libreoffice-dde for that, or even the libreoffice-gtk.

LibreOffice GTK Theme

You can also install packages through Synaptic, or use the commands:

sudo apt install libreoffice-dde

When you open LibreOffice again you will see the difference right away:

LibreOffice Deepin

If you want, to change LibreOffice icons just go to the menu Tools >> Options >> View and change the icons for Breeze.

Now it will be more comfortable for you to use the Office suite, until next time!