Coronavirus forces Game Developers Conference to become a virtual event

The 2020 edition of the Game Developers Conference was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak, but the event organizers found a way to keep the event alive.

Although the physical version will not be held, the event will take place online, through a series of free streams and recordings of the lectures that were planned for the 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th of March.

The organization confirmed that it will also broadcast the GDC Awards and the Independent Games Festival ceremony on the event's Twitch channel.

The full schedule will be released on March 13.

Most conferences will be organized around themes that will certainly be of interest to video game creators, however, GDC has a habit of not leaving fans of the final product out, so there will also be more content focused on the final game experience.

All virtual conferences will be available here, many of which will later be published on YouTube.

Microsoft is one of the participants that has already announced the broadcast of a conference.

The company promises to cover matters related to its next console and its video game streaming system.

It should be noted that yesterday ESA officially announced the cancellation of E3, leading several companies to proceed with online events to promote their new products.

Microsoft will be hosting its streaming conference, as well as Warner Bros., which had plans to debut with its own event, will also opt for something online.

Ubisoft is another major video game company that will choose to stream its presentation.