Coronavirus even affects Apple’s shareholder meeting; prospects for the “iPhone 12” vary

Coronavirus even affects Apple's shareholder meeting;  prospects for the “iPhone 12” vary

Today, starting at 2 pm (Brasília time), it will take place at the Steve Jobs Theater – Apple Park auditorium, in Cupertino (California, United States) -, as predicted weeks ago, the annual meeting of Apple shareholders.

It is not always that publicly relevant information comes up at these meetings, but the MacMagazine it will be clear to the eye and will bring you any pertinent news of what to do there.

What was observed, from yesterday to today, is that even this occasion is being affected by the Coronavirus (aka COVID-19). Sean Montgomery, who is an Apple shareholder, posted on Twitter an alert issued by the company:

The notice reads as follows:

Health and safety precautionsApple is following official guidance on COVID-19 from the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and working closely with public health experts. We ask shareholders who traveled to China in February to make sure they have completed the quarantine period of 14 days before the meeting in order for them to attend.

In recent days, by the way, the risk that COVID-19 could be declared a global pandemic has caused the actions of the technology giants to plummet. From Friday (21/2) here, the $ AAPL accumulates a 7.98% drop, to $ MSFT of 5.89%, to $ AMZN of 5.88%, to $ GOOG of 6.51% and $ FB, 6.38%.

Given all this, there is even speculation that this outbreak may affect Apple’s plans for the “iPhone 12”. Although it is not due to be announced until September, preparations for this obviously start months earlier – even now, with Apple employees traveling daily to and from China, in order to sign contracts, check components, analyze prototypes and so on. go.

There are also analysts who prefer to see the glass as «half full»; with inventories of current iPhone models compromised by COVID-19, demand for the “iPhone 12” at the end of the year is expected to be greater than originally forecast. Time will tell.

via 9to5Mac