Coronavirus: company creates mask compatible with Apple's Face ID

Coronavrus: company creates mask compatible with Apple's Face ID

The coronavirus outbreak has been causing problems around the world, not only in the health of infected people, but also in the industry of some countries. In Brazil, for example, Motorola and Samsung temporarily stopped manufacturing smartphones due to shortage of components from China.

Seeking to reduce the contagion, many people from that country and others with confirmed cases started to use masks. However, this means that most modern iPhone owners need to remove this protection whenever they want to unlock the device, which is certainly a nuisance.

To try to solve this problem, the company "Resting Risk Face", based in So Francisco, decided to create an N95 mask compatible with Face ID, security system that has been shipped since the iPhone X. Those who are interested in the product, will need take a picture of the face so that it is possible to print the bottom part on the mask.

Face ID compatible masks

On its official website, the company says: "After we upload your face, we use computer mapping to convert your facial features into an image printed on the surface of the N95 surgical masks, without distortion. Our printer uses inks made from natural dyes. It is non-toxic and does not affect breathability. You can use your mask in everyday life normally ".

Regarding the price, due to the fact that the masks are supposedly compatible with Face ID and use a sophisticated printing system, the amount charged higher than that of the common models available in a pharmacy, being necessary to disburse US $ 40 (R $ 174). So far, there is no exact date for sales to begin.

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