Coronavirus combat API will be launched on the 28th; Apple and Tim Cook carry out new support actions

Apple is rejecting non-official Coronavirus apps

Another day, another wave of news related to the pandemic of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Shall we go to them?

API coming on the 28th

Much has been said about the API, jointly created by Apple and Google, which will enable health officials around the world to develop citizen tracking applications to contain the virus and alert people to potentially infected people. The initiative has already generated controversy, but has been eagerly awaited by agencies around the world – and now it has a date to arrive.

Speaking to European Union Industry Commissioner Thierry Breton, Tim Cook stated that the first version of the API will be released as early as next Tuesday, day 28 – even earlier than anticipated in the first press release that publicized the initiative, which indicated the beginning of May as a likely launch of the technology. The information is iGen [Google Tradutor].

The acceleration in the launch of the API is apparently due to the fact that some countries will begin to relax social isolation measures in the coming weeks; with this, the need for tracking technology and contamination alert becomes more urgent. In the case of Apple, the API will be applied with an iOS update; on the Google side, an update will be issued for Google Play Services on Android.

It is worth noting that, in this first moment, the tracking and alerting features no will be embedded directly into the operating systems; the launch of the API means that authorized third-party applications (such as Coronavirus – SUS, made by the Government of Brazil) will be able to take advantage of the resources thought by Apple and Google. Only in the second phase of the initiative, which will arrive in the coming months, will iOS and Android be able to natively track users and issue alerts of possible contamination.

It is also important to remember that the entire tracking system will be optional. We will therefore have to wait to see how the systems will apply this layer of user choice – we will see from next Tuesday.

Apple supporting retailers in India

Meanwhile, an article by Economic Times revealed that Apple has initiated a financial support plan for more than 500 authorized resellers and Apple Premium Resellers at India. As part of the initiative, Apple will pay employee salaries and rent from store locations for two months; local businessmen will also be able to take advantage of a 60-day credit for payments due to Cupertino.

Apple has instructed its local resellers to explore other sales methods, such as online channels – which is particularly important considering that Apple has no official store in India (yet) and the country has been in absolute quarantine for almost a month, with the closing of all stores of articles considered non-essential.

With such a gigantic market, of course, it is not healthy to sleep on the spot – which explains the Apple initiative to keep its Indian partners up and running.

Another donation from Apple

Finally, Tim Cook announced another donation to be made by Apple for initiatives to combat Coronavirus. The CEO made a surprise appearance on the British charity “Big Night In«, gives BBC, and promised a “significant” donation from Apple, without specifying values.

Tim Cook on

Apple also highlighted the program on the British App Store homepage, allowing iOS users to donate to the event directly from their devices. All the money raised by «Big Night In» will be aimed at Comic Relief and Children in Need, which are dedicated to combating the effects of Coronavirus in the UK, especially with children.

via 9to5Mac, MacRumors