Corel WorldPerfect Office will ensure support for Open XML and ODF

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Corel WorldPerfect Office will now support files based on Open Document Format (ODF) and Microsoft Office Open XML formats. Corel guarantees that starting support for both formats is the first step in a neutrality strategy at this level, which it intends to continue to develop.

In a statement, the company explains that throughout the year it will also make available a set of new features for both formats. ODF represents the choice of many customers, especially in sectors such as Public Administration, which in many countries are committed to the adoption of open formats.

The format chosen by Microsoft has a high critical mass. Having been born owner, Open XML is now also an open format, the code of which was made available by Microsoft but with little support from the development community, a situation that the beginning of the commercialization of Office 2007 may change.

Corel already supported a set of proprietary formats, including PDF and the binary format for Microsoft Office, and is the only format that allows editing, importing and exporting PDF documents. Since 1999 it allows publication in XML.

It is recalled that a feature was recently announced that allows translating text files in ODF format to Open XML. The initiative arose from the joint work between Microsoft and ODF Alliance and shows the need to ensure communication between the different formats.

Corel is a member of OASIS and the ODF Alliance and an active member in the development of the ODF format.

According to a statement by the company, opening, viewing and editing for Open XML and ODF will be possible from the middle of the year.

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