Corel Launches Painter 2020 with Interface and Performance Improvements

Corel Launches Painter 2020 with Interface and Performance Improvements

THE Corel It's really got the ball in recent months: Just as an example, the company bought Parallels and revived CorelDRAW for Mac, in addition to launching CorelCAD Mobile for iPhones and iPads. Now the software giant is updating its drawing, painting and image editing application, the Painter.

O Corel Painter 2020, available for macOS and Windows, brings a lot of interesting news. One of them the new Brush Accelerator (Brush Accelerator), which uses software integration with your machine's GPU to apply intelligent performance settings, making the application much faster, responsive, and with more reliable results.

The app's interface has also been rethought, with a more intuitive brush selector (with real-time previews) and a revamped color picker with built-in harmony tool. The most commonly used controls and tools have been placed in more accessible locations, and you can reduce the tools displayed at the top of the interface to free up more space for your project.

Corel Painter 2020 can be purchased from its official website at R $ 1,050, in the single license or by $ 600 Upgrading software from an earlier version can be any version of Painter, as long as you have the application serial number.

via AppleInsider