Corel Launches New Paint Shop Pro Photo XI for Photographers

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

Paint Shop Pro Photo XI is the latest solution to integrate the portfolio of products dedicated to Corel’s digital image. With new features, including a browser files, which the company calls Photo Organizer, the software it stands out for the wide range of options it makes available to users, who will be able to edit and improve their images, without losing their initial quality, simply and quickly.

Among the new features available in Paint Shop Pro, we highlight the aforementioned Photo Organizer – which allows users to locate images by name, date, ratings, among other information – Color Changer, Time Machine, Film and Filters, Skin Smoothing, Quick Review and Photo Tray.

With the Color Changer, users can change the colors of digital images without having the usual flaws caused by differences in brightness and tones.

The Time Machine function allows you to choose to age your photos with different types of colors and settings giving the user a sense of what the final effect of your photo would be like if it were taken between 1830 and 1980.

Using the Film and Filters function, users can add effects to images and, with Skin Smoother, they can remove wrinkles, blemishes, scars or other aging traces from people in photos.

Quick Review allows you to manage slide presentations, allowing users to correct or establish a rating on the slide, add captions, rotate photos, among other options.

Finally, the Photo Tray feature allows the user to organize images as best suits him

Corel added yet another tool to the new Paint Shop Pro Photo XI by allowing video file compatibility with this application. In this way, users can view the films in the program by extracting the images from the clip that they like best.

THE software integrates Corel Snapfire Plus SE which includes a free 30-day use of some features, such as PhotoSafe Backup, among others.

In a statement, Corel says that the Paint Shop Pro Photo XI is available at a price of 85 euros (excluding VAT) for the complete package and 60 euros (excluding VAT) for the update. THE software is available on Corel’s website and soon through the company’s distributor network in Portugal, a market that, according to Javier Fidalgo, Corel’s commercial director for the Iberian Peninsula, is growing and occupying an increasingly important position in the company’s distribution.

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