Cora Coralina receives tribute from Google; writer would complete 128 years

Cora Coralina receives tribute from Google;  writer would complete 128 years

Brazilian writer Cora Coralina is honored today at Google through a Doodle, a figure that leads Internet users to learn more about the poet’s life. She would be 128 this Sunday (20), if she were alive. Deceased in 1985, Cora was one of the most important Brazilian writers. In the Tribute Doodle, the word «Google» refers to sowing.

Doodle made by Google to honor Cora Coralina – Photo: Disclosure / Google

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The search giant often uses the search engine to pay homage to people, dates or important moments. The remembrance on its main page is made through Doodles, which are animated modifications of your brand. Disclosure is massive, since Doodle appears on the, on the Google App for Android and iPhone, on the Chrome browser homepage for PC and even on the Gboard virtual keyboard, compatible with mobile phones.

Google takes advantage of the visibility of its presence on the web to honor people, special dates or great achievements; such as: Father’s Day, Machado de Assis or Carmen Miranda. The tributes are made through Doodles, which make the logo lively and personalized with the theme.

The choice of the time was Cora Coralina, pseudonym of Anna Lins dos Guimarães Peixoto Bretas, who today, August 20, 2017 would be completing 128 years. Cora was born in the interior of Goiás, in 1889 and despite being considered one of the greatest writers in the country, her first book was only published when she was 76 years old.

1 of 1 Writer Cora Coralina appears highlighted in Google App and Gboard, Google’s virtual keyboard – Photo: Reproduction / dnetc

Writer Cora Coralina appears prominently on Google App and Gboard, Google’s virtual keyboard – Photo: Reproduction / dnetc

The poetess had a simple rural life, a sweet confectioner, used to write poetry about love and kindness in a subtle way, a reflection of the life she had. The fact that the beginning of Cora’s «career» started so late, is due to the fact that the poet reports having gone through: a transformation called «Loss of fear», at the age of 50, where she left her baptismal name and came to be called Cora Coralina.

The tribute Doodle shows a lady already a certain age writing a book – making reference to the age that Cora launched her first work – in a simple and rural environment, as was the life that Cora Carolina lived in Goiás. Sowing, flowering and the harvest in the word «Google» refers to a poem by her that says «What counts in life is not the starting point, but the walk. Walking and sowing, in the end you will have something to reap».

Anna, who chose the name Cora Coralina to publish her books, died at 95 in Goiânia and had nine books published:

  • “Poemas dos Becos de Goiás and more stories” – Poetry from 1965
  • “Meu Livro de Cordel” – Poetry from 1976
  • “Copper Jeep – Aninha’s Half Confessions” Poetry from 1983
  • “Stories from Casa Velha da Ponte” – Tales from 1985
  • “Meninos Verdes” – Children’s 1986 (posthumous)
  • “Treasure of Casa Velha” – Poetry of 1996 (posthumous)
  • “The Gold Coin Pato Swallowed” – Child 1999 (posthumous)
  • “Vila Boa de Goiás” – Poetry from 2001 (posthumous)
  • “O Prato Azul-Pombinho” – Children’s 2002 (posthumous)

Video tells the story of Google Doodles

Video tells the story of Google Doodles