Copyright Directive takes Portugal to the European Court

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The European Commission will take Portugal to the European Court following the dragging of a series of infringement proceedings. With regard to ICT, Portugal is subject to a process of non-compliance in the area of ​​transposition of directives related to the protection of copyright.

The measure is the next step in an analysis process, previously initiated by the EC under which Portugal had already been the subject of a first warning, which requested information on the implementation of the measures defined in the Community directives. In this specific case, the Directive 48 of 2004 is in question, whose transposition deadline expired on 29 April 2006. In the situation of Portugal there are also France, Germany, Luxembourg and Sweden.

With regard to European telecommunications legislation, the EC also takes a step forward in a set of 15 infringement cases where Portugal is once again. In this case, the lack of information in the electronic communications information services (telephone directories) is the fault pointed out by the European Commission.

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