Cool music downloads about to overtake sharing on P2P networks

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The volume of music downloaded from the Internet legally is approaching the volume of downloads illegal and will soon surpass pirate services.

According to a recent study by Entertainment Media Research, 35 percent of music consumers online they now use legal services to purchase their music, a number that tends to increase and exceed, in the short term, the 40 percent who continue to choose to use illegal services.

The increased use of legal services is closely linked to usersā€™ fears of being confronted with justice or virus targets, usually associated with file-sharing networks. Similarly, consumers recognize the lack of quality in illegal music services.

The study indicates that two thirds of the 4000 consumers surveyed value the immediate availability of the desired track in legal music services and point to this reason as a decision criterion, further advances the 2006 Digital Music Survey, cited by Reuters.

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