Converting videos to work at Davinci Resolve on Linux


THE Davinci Resolve has been winning the hearts of audiovisual professionals, one of the best solutions for the treatment of colors in video, and is now becoming a major competitor to Adobe Premiere.

As a native alternative on Linux, Blackmagic has been implementing new features to its video editing / post production software, an example that “Miss” Adobe should follow. Check out the post how to install Davinci Resolve on Linux, and start editing on this powerful tool.

Not everything is flowers

There is a limitation in the free version of Davinci resolves that it can irritate some, it does not support codec formats MP3 and H264. This is a bit strange since the patents for these formats have expired and it would not be a complicated addition to the program.

To work around this problem, while Blackmagic does not add native support, we will convert the video files to a format that the application supports, MPEG4 or Apple ProRes via QuickTime.

MPEG4 generates a smaller file size, great for Internet-facing editions, ProRes is aimed at a professional edition, consecutively larger.

Converting in a practical way

You can do it in two ways, using the terminal or the graphical interface, all in a practical way.

Convert via interface

Download the application “WinFF”, Search the software center of your distribution as in the image below or install with the command in distros like Ubuntu, Linux Mint and derivatives:

sudo apt install winff


With this application it will be simple to convert the videos and save your time when configuring codecs and formats, just import the preset that we make available for download.

Download the WinFF preset

To add the preset in WinFF, click on “File» >>Import preset«, select the file «winff_resolve_diolinux_.xml”If a dialog window appears informing you that the preset already exists, click on“Yes to All» to replace.


In the “Output details» in «Convert to:”Select“Resolve» is at «Preset”Select“mpeg4”, As shown in the following image.


To convert your videos, just add them to WinFF, click on “To convert”And wait for the process.

After finishing, you can work at Davinci Resolve without any problem.

Convert via terminal

Now if you prefer to use the terminal, I made a script that basically converts like WinFF.

  Download the Video Converter Script

You will need to have the FFmpeg installed on your system, you installed WinFF it was probably “pulled” as a dependency, if not, use the command:

sudo apt install ffmpeg

The script works as follows, you must keep the files for conversion and script in the same directory, give the execution permission (via terminal or graphical interface) and execute. All videos in “MP4”Will be converted to“MOV”And moved to a folder called“converted”.

sudo chmod a+x convert-lote-davince-v0.1.sh

To change the codec of the video you want to convert (if it is not an .mp4), open the script with a text editor and make the modification. It will not be a complicated task, as I commented on each parameter, so feel free to implement new functions.

For any doubts, access the Elias video from Araras Studio channel, every process with the WinFF detailed, and if you want to learn video editing on Davinci Resolve subscribe to the channel, he is producing very good content about the software.

I wait for you in the next post, until then share the blog Diolinux, SYSTEMATICALLY! ?