Convert videos to 4K – get to know VideoProc

4K is becoming the new standard in video quality and resolution. It is not long before Full HD is no longer the most common. Therefore, you may already have to adapt to this change and start converting 4K video to make your recorded content look better on TVs, monitors and smartphones. VideoProc is one of the most suitable applications for this.

Although conversion is its main feature, it is far from the only one. The PC and Mac program also lets you edit video and audio, record your PC screen, download videos online and even extract DVD video, among others.

Looking for a 4K video converter? So check out the next paragraphs why VideoProc is the right solution for you!

Facilitating video processing and editing

A demand for those working with various types of video is the difficulty in finding software that allows them to be processed, converted and edited in one place. What happens most often is to use different programs for each of the purposes shown above.

Remember that rendering videos is a time consuming and error-prone task. It may be that your computer has a crash, and if it shuts down, you have to do all the work again. VideoProc is an application that ensures these crashes will not occur when you use them.

Any premium smartphone today is capable of recording 4K video. In addition to them, we also have professional cameras, drone-recorded video or GoPro cameras, among others. They all carry particulars. Therefore, a program that can convert 4K videos that works in different formats is crucial.

VideoProc is ideal for those who want better tools than the free ones, but not as expensive and advanced as the professionals. See the reason in the video below and follow the next excerpts.

What are the main features of VideoProc?

As a 4K video converter, VideoProc is not ugly. You can use it to either lower the resolution of a video to FullHD or conventional HD formats or to upscaling these resolutions to 4K. That is, improve and adapt the quality of a lower video to 4K. It can also convert hundreds of extensions, such as MKV, MP4 and H.264, among hundreds of others.

The software has the basic tools for editing videos such as cut, merge, split, rotate, resize and invert. Despite being an easy-to-use video editor, it is not limited to that.

Among the most advanced functions in editing, VideoProc allows you to make automatic corrections on recording lens distances, adjust video playback speed and remove noise, among many others. In addition to editing, it is worth remembering that it also facilitates the recording of your computer screen and can extract and convert video files you have on a DVD.

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<p>Video rendering does not require much user knowledge, but it is certainly the most laborious task for your computer hardware. That said, VideoProc is able to export any of your work to any extent, just like your 4K video converter.</p>
<p>The same applies to resolutions, and can process 4K video at different frame rates, whether traditional 30fps or amazing 240fps.</p>
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It is worth mentioning that VideoProc has a graphics card accelerator, which increases processing speed and allows not so powerful computers to also render videos in 4K.

Start converting videos to 4K with VideoProc!

Now that you know some of the key features of this 4K-capable video converter software, it's time to test what we have shown ourselves.

To this end, the team responsible for the app is offering test codes to anyone who accesses your page.

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