Convergence will occupy an increasingly central place

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Convergence is finally a reality that companies must adapt to, otherwise they will fail to succeed in the future. It will give rise to the creation of new product categories and new market segments, reveals the Digital Convergence: The Trillion Dollar Challenge report by Deloitte Consulting. According to the document, digital convergence will even be responsible for modifying the structures of some existing sectors «through a change in existing power relations, modifying the competitive matrix», says the report.

Identified as products of convergence, with a significant impact on the economy today, music online or the applications supported on IP (Internet Protocol), since each of them «responds to a concrete need of consumers and the majority already allows to generate significant business volumes and effective gains», states a statement. Among these applications, those aimed at digital music players, fixed telephony with video, entertainment services, among others, are highlighted.

It is estimated that in the future other voice-based services over IP will assume a prominent role in the economy, contributing to the convergence in 2010 to generate a turnover of one billion dollars.

The document adds that convergence is being driven by three main trends. This includes the proliferation of digital information, which «creates a common basis for handling different types of information using the same equipment and the same processing techniques».

Also part of the list of trends is the «dissemination of connectivity between people, which makes it possible to gather diverse scattered information and expand the value and possibilities of equipment beyond its traditional functionalities» and finally «constant advances in technology, from the greatest battery autonomy at processing speed «, concludes the document.

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