Convergence projects align information technologies at PT

Convergence projects align information technologies at PT

Information Technologies are one of the fundamental elements in the business convergence process that the Portugal Telecom Group has underway. The improvement in the quality of customer service and the offer of an integrated experience are the main factors that guide several projects managed by the information systems department that are converging old applications on renewed platforms and supporting the various companies of the Group .

Pedro Sardo, from the Information Systems Department, explained to TeK that the decision to converge different applications was taken three years ago and that several large-scale projects were launched, some of which are still ongoing, given their scope.

One of the first projects launched was the management of customer contact, based on CRM technology from Oracle, which has been operational for over a year. “This was a large and technically complex project, which involved a major change in processes”, he details.

The project had great support from management, who saw in this adoption an opportunity to simplify the way of working in the company, since the implementation of CRM is transversal and ends up having an impact in several areas of PT. Currently, the contact center operator has a comprehensive view of the residential customer’s relationship with PT in terms of the fixed business and in the long term this convergence of services in CRM will extend to the mobile business and companies.

The collection management area is another area that has already been the target of a project for convergence and standardization of the back office, based on SAP technology. This project is expected to go into production by the end of this year, giving the various companies of the PT Group a unique tool to manage customer collections.

In the various projects, PT had the support of Accenture, a reference partner that brings know-how, development capacity and methodology, explains Pedro Sardo.

And this support is important, not least because the projects don’t stop there and Pedro Sardo confesses to TeK that there are others in the pipeline, although he prefers to talk about these only when they go into production. “What I can say is that we are very active. And that while these projects advance the business does not stop ”, he justifies, comparing this transformation to the construction and change of the components of an airplane during the flight.

“It is difficult to say when a convergence project is finished. The business is always evolving and the group’s companies have a significant dimension, covering various business areas ”, he justifies. But the impact of the first CRM projects is already being felt in the business, with indicators of improvement in customer satisfaction and retention rates, says the person in charge of information systems.