Convergence is the main trend for the ICT market in 2006

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The convergence in analogue and digital, fixed-mobile, voice and data communications will mark the evolution of the Information and Communication Technologies market throughout this year, according to IDC’s forecasts.

The consultant foresees a moderate growth in the totality of the ICT that will lead to a greater creativity in the offerings of products and services on the part of the suppliers who for the same reason will be forced to consider new business models and «new types of relationship with the user community».

With regard to the reorganization of business models, IDC believes that companies that provide ICT services will be forced to resize their business, in order to bet on more flexible structures «that enhance creativity from external sources». The consultant believes that this trend will have implications for all market segments. This moderate evolution in market growth will also be a reason for mergers and acquisitions targeting niche companies to continue.

IDC also foresees «new versions of implementation online applications on the part of one or more software application «, in order to continue the evolution of the offer of IT products and an increase of offers in BPO.

In terms of the Internet, the Google effect is expected to expand in 2006, causing a disruptive effect in many business models, especially in terms of «distribution of software, content aggregation, advertising, communications and media «, but also reaching more traditional sectors such as banking, transport, travel or auctions.

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