Controversy forces Ensitel to turn back

Controversy forces Ensitel to turn back

Ensitel withdrew the lawsuit it had filed against Maria João Nogueira, with the aim of forcing the creator of the blog Jonasnuts, to delete the posts published about the conflict it had with the company. The origin of the decision was all the controversy and discussion that the situation generated on social networks.

The dispute between Ensitel and Maria João Nogueira goes back to 2009, when the blogger decided to count online the “resistance” she faced when the Nokia E71, acquired as an offer at Ensitel, broke down. The case eventually reached the Center for Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts in Lisbon and the court, which would end up supporting the chain of stores.

However, almost two years later, the company decided to return to the court to force the person responsible for the Jonasnuts to erase the posts which had meanwhile been published on the subject.

Ensitel’s attitude ended up provoking harsh criticism in the Twitter community and on the Facebook page, with commentators accusing the company of undermining freedom of expression. It was all this controversy that forced the company to drop the complaint against the blogger.

«In the last few days we have listened to your opinions. It was never our intention to limit Maria João Nogueira’s freedom of expression, but only to ensure the defense of our brand. But we see now that our attitude was not the most appropriate and so we will withdraw immediately the lawsuit «, can be read in the statement released on the company’s Facebook page.

On the same note, the company assumes responsibility for the proportions taken by the case and guarantees that it will improve the ways of communicating with customers.