Controversial public contracts erased from the Net

Controversial public contracts erased from the Net

Base data on various public contracts that had been contested in the past few days have disappeared from Base. The entity that manages the government website, where all public contracts carried out in the country by different levels of administration are disclosed, says that errors were detected and that they are being corrected.

In total there are ten direct adjustments whose information has been completely eliminated and which total a value of more than two million and six hundred thousand euros.

In the ten contracts in question, the one that involves a higher value (1.55 million euros) was established between the Azores Tourism Association and New Seven Wonders for the event «The Seven Natural Wonders of Portugal». This contract was discussed at the Legislative Assembly of the Azores, after the media reported the matter.

The complaint regarding the withdrawal of data was made by the newspaper Diário dos Açores and also reports the disappearance of information about the contract for a party held by the Tourism Association under the last BTL, which cost around 196 thousand euros, and a contract made by the Tourism Association for a website, which will have cost almost 200 thousand euros.

Speaking to the newspaper Público, Alexandra Ribeiro, director of Strategic Initiatives at the Institute of Construction and Real Estate (InCI), which manages Base, explained that those who place the data electronically are contracting entities. When these entities detect errors, they request a change to InCI, which, after analyzing the request, authorizes it or not. If authorization is given, entities have ten days to make the change. If they do not, they return the previous data.

Alexandra Ribeiro also said that the detected cases are awaiting changes. This electronic error correction service, revealed the director, «has only a few days».