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Controversial Jimmy Iovine interview shows that Apple needs to rethink its external communication

The acquisition of Beats appears to be bringing some unexpected "headaches" to Apple. And no, we are not talking about anything related to the products / services acquired, but about the two main Beats executives who now hold important positions within Ma: Dr. Dre and Jommy Iovine.

A few months ago, Dr. Dre's violent past surfaced due to the release of his new album, both he and Apple promptly apologized for everything. Now it was time for Jimmy Iovine put the Apple in an uncomfortable position.

Remember the Apple Music commercial focused on creating playlists and starring the famous Mary J. Blige (singer), Taraji P. Henson (actress) and Kerry Washington (actress)? Iovine and Blige went to the program CBS This Morning to talk a little bit about it. And it was the one that Iovine released a pearl, as informed the The Verge.

The moment of Iovine's explanation right at the beginning of the video (around 1’37 ”), after their presentation.

Women find it very difficult sometimes for some women to find music and that (human curation and playlists created by Apple Music publishers) helps make everything easier.

() I just thought of a problem, you know: women are sitting, you know, talking about men. Or complaining about men, when they have a broken heart or whatever. And they need music for that, don't they? It is difficult to find the right music, you know. In everyone who has the playlists correct, knows a DJ or something.

It got bad. Incredibly, it doesn't seem to have gone bad at the time of the program, since the women participating did not bother or were educated to the point of not showing it. And, it seems, the commercial director (Ava DuVernay) did a great job of not showing that this gathering of friends who decided to enjoy some music was going on to talk about men.

The host of the program came out in defense of Iovine, saying that the words of the Apple executive were taken out of context and asking people to see the interview until the end.

It didn’t take long for Iovine to apologize, via BuzzFeed:

We created Apple Music to allow everyone to find the right music easily for men, women, young and old. Our new ad is about women, which is why I responded the way I did, but of course the same thing applies equally to men. I could have chosen my words better and I'm sorry.

I really believe Iovine's excuse. And that made me 100% agree with Dave Mark's comment The Loop:

He is an intelligent person, has a fantastic sense of what works musically and really knows the music business. But for some reason, he falls apart when placed in front of an audience and asked about technology. In June, Iovine took the stage as one of the presenters at WWDC, and he was a nervousness, a disaster. He was a fish out of water, disconnected with the technology between him and the music.

This appearance in CBS This Morning it had a misgino touch. Apple cannot continue to put you in these conditions. bad for Apple Music, bad for Jimmy Iovine.

I would go over and include Eddy Cue in that. While Tim Cook is promoting the iPad Pro as a replacement for PCs, Cue speaks in an interview that iPado great for reading emails, surfing the internet (that is, doing the same thing we already do with other iPads, but with a larger screen completely ignoring, for example, the Apple Pencil and the more corporate and creative positioning of the giant tablet).

It is a fact that both are great and talented executives otherwise they would not be where they are today. But just put them under the spotlight for them to stagger somehow

I don't think we need to go back to Jobs when only the CEO of the company gave interviews (when they rarely happened). But this also does not mean that leaving allowing all executives to speak out about "anything" is a good strategy. It is proven that it is not.