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Control the Rovio Robot with an Android Phone



Have you heard of Robot Rovio? My friend Nick Ellis, editor of Digital Drops, features:

β€œThe Rovio robot is the first WowWee robot to use Northstar technology, creating a mini GPS system so you can send instructions for him to navigate around your home or office. It also works as a spy robot with Wi-Fi, and is capable of transmitting video and audio anywhere in the world via the Internet, for you to access from your computer, console or cell phoneβ€œ.

If you have a Rovio, you can now control the robot and view your webcam directly from your Android mobile device. The application, known as AndRovio, was developed by Poignant Projects and is available on the Android Market.

After installing on your device, you will have full control over Rovio, as well as directions for moving the position of your camera. The application also allows full control over any available Wi-Fi connection. You can get on-screen warnings about obstacles and things in your way (the robot has a sensor for that). Control can also be done via 3G or EDGE connection, but the video should freeze depending on the connection.