Control the Kodi media center via smartphone


Kodi is an amazing application, if you want to install the application on your Linux distribution, access this article with every step by step. However, what would be a “home cinema”, without the convenience of watching your films and performing other Kodi functions, without the need to get up and use a keyboard or mouse, for example.

For those who want to control their multimedia center, Kodi, directly from a smartphone, can install the project’s official remote control. In the case of Android users, the “Kore, Official Remote for Kodi”, Already for iOS named“Official Kodi Remote”.

The applications are intuitive and need no further explanation, however, configuring the remote control on Kodi installed on your computer, may not be that intuitive. But, calm down, I’m going to demonstrate this process.

Before configuring the remote control on Kodi, obviously, the application must be installed on your smartphone and Kodi on your computer.

Kore, Official Remote for Kodi (Android)

Access the link and download it directly from Google Play, or you can use a QR-Code reader and install by aiming your smartphone’s camera at the QR code (which will also download directly from Google Play).


Official Kodi Remote (iOS)

An alternative to iOS is available for free at the Apple store, the version is also official, being a great choice for users of the apple platform. You can access the application link directly on the App Store. Or make use of a QR-Code reader, as in the previous example.


Setting up remote control in Kodi

With both installed, the app on the PC and on your smartphone, let’s start “the fun”. In my case, I’m using Kore, because I have an Android, but I think it’s pretty much the same thing on iOS.

Open Kodi, and make sure that both are on the same wifi network (PC and smartphone).

In Kodi, go to “Definitions”(The gear icon).



Navigate to “Control”And enable both options in the“Application control”. Being them: «Allow remote control of applications on this system» and «Allow remote control of applications on other systems”.


Other changes can be applied, such as naming the user or assigning a password. Particularly I only add a password, the user doesn’t even move (?️?️?️).

Open the app on your smartphone, where you will see Kodi and your machine. Select and proceed as the app shows you.


If, like me, you set up a username and password, you will need to inform to be able to connect. Click in «Test”, When everything is completed.


If the application was unable to find Kodi on your network, visit the “hamburger menu”(In the case of Kore, those“ 3 dashes ”in the upper left corner), click on the plus symbol“+”.


Manually configure the user, IP, port and password. This step has the same settings as the image above, for those who added a password to Kodi, and to know the IP is very simple. Again at Kodi, in “Definitions«, after «System data”.


See the IP address number and configure it in the app.


The app is very intuitive and in a few minutes you understand all its functioning. Very practical and full of resources.


I always use Kodi with Kore, they are an inseparable pair. I confess that its configuration can confuse new users, but nothing out of this world. Every time I used it, I did not experience any problems with its configuration. At least here, in all these years, he always recognizes at first. I recommend using it, since the alternative for iOS, I can’t comment much (I don’t have a smartphone from the brand).

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